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Did you know... The presence of depressive disorders often adversely affects the course and complicates the treatment of other chronic diseases —a particular concern among older adults given the high prevalence of multiple chronic conditions in this age group.
Source: Chapman DP, Perry GS, Strine TW. The vital link between chronic disease and depressive disorders

Board Of Advisors

The Fuqua Center for Late-Life Depression has benefited significantly from its Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee is comprised of 23 members selected for their individual expertise and organization affiliation. Each member has played a significant role in the expansion, strength and quality of the Fuqua Center services.

Advisory Committee Members

  • Herschel Allen - Pastoral Counselor, Retired, Certified Peer Specialist, Emeritus, 2010
  • Thomas Bornemann, Ed.D. - Director, Mental Health Program at The Carter Center, Emeritus, 2012
  • James Bulot, Ph.D. - GA Department of Human Services, Division of Aging Services
  • Sue Burgess - Manager, Aging & Disability Services, Atlanta Regional Commission
  • Natalie DiSantis, Project Director, Outreach, Alzheimer's Disease Research Center and the Parkinson's and Movement Disorders Program, Emory University, Consulting Member
  • Lei Ellingson - Assistant Director, Mental Health Program at The Carter Center, Emeritus, 2012
  • Elizabeth Finnerty - President and CEO, Skyland Trail, Emeritus, 2013
  • Rex Fuqua - Honorary Member
  • Pat Gardner - Georgia State Representative, District 57, Consulting Member
  • Jason Gerling - Gerontologist, Human Development Services, Atlanta Housing Authority
  • Jessica Gill - Director, Cobb Senior Services
  • Allan Goldman - Health Policy and Planning Specialist, Rollins School of Public Health, Emeritus, 2013 
  • Ginny Helms - Vice President, Chapter Services and Public Policy Alzheimer's Association
  • Warren Heemann - University Vice President for Fundraising and Advancement, Retired, Emeritus, 2007
  • Catherine Ivy - Director of Community Services at Department of Behavioral Health and Deveopmental Disabilities, Chair
  • Ellyn Jeager - Director, Public Policy & Advocacy, Mental Health America of Georgia
  • Charlee Lambert - Writer, Educational Playmakers, Inc., Emeritus, 2013
  • Kathryn Lawler - Chief, Aging Services Division, Atlanta Regional Commission
  • Robin J. Reese - Associate Director, Media Relaions, Woodruff Health Sciences Communications, Emory University
  • Phyllis Rosen - Senior Associate, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Emory University
  • Anne Sterchi -Executive Director, J.B. Fuqua Foundation
  • Sally vander Straeten - Suicide Prevention Program Coordinator, Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities
  • Cynthia Wainscott - Mental Health America of Georgia, Retired, Emeritus, 2008



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