CNN (2/6, Scutti) reports that researchers found “a high level of education does not delay the start of dementia and does not slow the speed of decline.” The findings of the 2,899-participant study were published online in Neurology. Robert Wilson, the director of cognitive neurosciences at Rush Medical College and the study’s lead author, said that while educational achievement may not protect people from dementia, he recommended “continuing to read or vigorously challenge yourself with other pursuits and intellectually challenging occupations.” On its website, NBC News (2/6) reports researchers found “little difference between people with a high school diploma and those with a Ph.D. when it comes to staving off the damage to brain cells caused by dementing diseases or the rate at which mental decline progresses, once it starts.”  Also covering the story are TIME (2/6, Park), HealthDay (2/6, Gordon), and MedPage Today (2/6, George). (SOURCE: APA Headlines)