Coalitions and Collaboration – Partnerships and collaborating with organizations throughout Georgia       continues to be one of the key components that drive our work.  Partnerships include:

  • Georgia Coalition on Older Adults and Behavioral Health (GCOABH).  The focus of this Coalition is on strengthening Georgia’s capacity to care for the growing older adult population with severe and persistent mental illnesses. Partners include Emory’s Fuqua Center and Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing, And the Georgia Division of Aging Services (DAS) and Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD).  Membership of the Coalition includes staff from DPH, CDC, and numerous other organizations and people interested in the needs of this population including family members and older adults and has led efforts to cross train the aging network and the public mental health system regarding both systems of care and how to access services.  Extensive training regarding Recovery in older adults, decision making capacity in persons with mental illness and dementia, and care coordination across systems has taken place and efforts in 2016 focused on work to improve the direct care of this vulnerable population through local partnerships between aging services providers and public behavioral health service providers regionally around the state.
  • Atlanta Coalition on Aging and Mental Health (AACAMH), a forum for collaboration between mental health and aging services professionals focused on facilitating public education, professional training and advocacy projects aimed at reducing the stigma surrounding aging and mental illness, expanding access to mental health services and resources, and improving quality of mental health programs for older adults. Each year the Coalition hosts a Workforce Development Conference open to healthcare and housing professionals with a focus on different behavioral health issues impacting older adults. NOTE:  This Coalition combined membership with the Atlanta Area Housing and Behavioral Health Network Coalition in February 2016 and was renamed the Aging and Behavior Health Care Collaborative (ABHCC) 
  • Aging and Behavior Health Care Collaborative (ABHCC) – This Collaborative plans to focus on Care Coordination/Case Management since this is so critical to successful outcomes for older adults.   It is hosted by the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) in partnership with Emory’s Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing and the Fuqua Center for Late-Life Depression.   The plan is to first learn more about the various types of Care Coordination available that could help our behavioral health consumers.  We will gather information on what’s currently out there – who the providers of care coordination that serve the Metro Area are – what options do each of them have available – how is care accessed – who do they serve – and how is care paid for.    Various Care Coordination providers will be invited to talk about their services.   After we understand what the Care Coordination options are, we will utilize the Collaborative as a summit or forum for discussing real cases and problem solving how to get the person into the care they need.
  • November 16, 2016 ABHCC Notes and Handouts
    Click here for Notes
    Click here for  Atlanta Regional Commission Mobility Program Atlanta Area Transportation Programs andclick here for SimplyGettingThere Program
  • September 16, 2016 ABHCC Meeting Handouts:
     Click here for information on  Adult Protrective Services (APS) and Home and Community-Based
    Services (HCBS);
    Click here for statewide staff listing for APS so you can identify your local APS contact.
  • Suicide Prevention Coalition of Georgia, a statewide Coalition that has worked together on suicide prevention efforts since 2002 to impact the crisis of suicide in Georgia.
  • Behavioral Health Services Coalition (BHSC) which provides leadership to improve mental health and addictive disease services in Georgia

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December 18, 2017

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