Healio (9/14, Downey) reports, “The daily use of multivitamin-mineral supplements improved global cognition, episodic memory and executive function in older adults,” investigators concluded after conducting “a large randomized two-by-two factorial three-year trial that included 2,262 participants.” Medscape (9/14, Burton, Subscription Publication) reports the phase 3 COSMOS-Mind study, which “tested whether daily intake of cocoa extract vs placebo and a multivitamin-mineral vs placebo improved cognition in older adults,” revealed that “daily multivitamin use, but not cocoa, is linked to a significantly slower rate of age-related cognitive decline.” HealthDay (9/14, Reinberg) reports the study found that “taking a multivitamin over the course of three years reduced thinking declines by about 60%,” with greater benefits seen “among people with heart disease.” The findings were published online in the journal Alzheimer’s & Dementia: The Journal of The Alzheimer’s Association.  (SOURCE: APA Headlines)