CNN International (2/17, Rogers, Rogers) reports researchers found that people with mental illness early in life may have “poorer physical health and accelerated aging in adulthood.” The findings were published in JAMA Psychiatry. Dr. Brent Forester, a member of APA’s Council on Geriatric Psychiatry, said, “We think about depression as a disease that originates in the brain with chemical disturbances and things like that. But depression probably is a systemic illness that affects the entire body. The longer I’ve done this work, and the longer that I’ve worked with older adults in particular, the more I think of psychiatric illness as not a brain disorder, but as a whole-body disorder.” Psychiatric News (2/17) reports the association remained “even after controlling for a host of other factors that might explain early aging, such as poor health in childhood; being overweight; smoking; or a history of cancer, diabetes, or heart attack.” (SOURCE: APA Headlines)