Reuters (9/10, Carroll) reports, “Nearly one in 10 suicide deaths in the U.S. occurs in people with chronic pain,” research indicated. MedPage Today (9/10, Monaco) reports that in the “large, retrospective study,” investigators arrived at this conclusion after “using death certificates and related records as a data source on contributing factors.” Specifically, “among more than 120,000 suicide deaths from 2003 to 2014, 8.8% of decedents age 10 and older had evidence of chronic pain, according to Emiko Petrosky, MD, MPH, of the CDC in Atlanta, and colleagues.” The findings were published online Sept. 11 in the Annals of Internal Medicine. According to HealthDay (9/10, Preidt), an accompanying editorial “noted that the role of opioids in suicide risk should be explored and suicide prevention should be a component of care for those suffering from chronic pain.” Healio (9/10, Tedesco) also covers the study,. (SOURCE: APA Headlines)