CNN (5/18, Azad, Lamotte) reports that “delirium, confusion and agitation may be common in severe coronavirus infections while patients are hospitalized, according to a new review of studies published Monday.” The study said “long-term, psychiatric problems after battling Covid-19 may not occur in the majority of patients, although much more research is still needed.” The study, published in the journal Lancet Psychiatry, “looked at 72 different studies on two historical coronaviruses, as well as current studies on Covid-19, trying to hone in on any links between the diseases and psychiatric problems.” However, “information on post-recovery of patients is scarce at this time, so the study had no data on the long-term mental impact of Covid-19, and only 12 low-to-moderate quality studies on hospitalized patients to analyze, seven of which have not been scientifically vetted.” Meanwhile, “the study only looked at severe Covid-19 cases in which individuals have been treated in a hospital, and therefore doesn’t address the possible impact of milder or asymptomatic cases of the disease.”(SOURCE: APA Headlines)