PatientEngagementHIT (7/1, Heath) reports a survey of 1,000 patients conducted by Wakefield Research shows that “nearly three-quarters of patients accessed their first-ever telehealth visit during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, and most of them [75%] reported high patient satisfaction with the experience.” Of those who accessed telehealth, 41% used it “for a wellness visit and 30 percent for chronic disease management,” while 20% used it for “acute care needs or mental health” and 14% used it “to check in on COVID-19 symptoms.” In addition, the survey shows that “patients expect telehealth to become a standard part of healthcare,” and 50% “would be willing to switch healthcare providers if it meant they would be able to continue accessing telehealth regularly.” Furthermore, 21% said they would use it “on a limited basis even if their insurance did not cover it, while 28 percent said they would whenever possible.” (SOURCE: APA Headlines)