Healio (1/11, Herpen) reports, “Ketamine and mindfulness training may be effective as adjunctive treatments for patients with alcohol use disorder,” research indicated.  Psychiatric News (1/11) reports, “Treating people with alcohol use disorder (AUD) with a combination of ketamine and mindfulness-based therapy may lead to greater abstinence from alcohol than educating people with AUD about their disorder,” researchers concluded in a study that included 96 “adults aged 18 to 65 years who met DSM-5 criteria for moderate to severe AUD or DSM-IV criteria for AUD and had been abstinent from alcohol for at least 24 hours.” The study revealed that three ketamine infusions “increased the number of days abstinent from alcohol at three and six months compared with placebo.” The findings were published online Jan. 11 in the American Journal of Psychiatry, a publication of the American Psychiatric Association. (SOURCE: APA Headlines)